Have FUN painting while raising money for your charity, club, organization or school!
People love our fundraisers because they don't have to sell anything and they get to take their painting home! If that wasn't enough, it can be BYOB and there's music, games and prizes donated by local merchants. What's not to love about raising money? It's easy to plan and promote. Simply choose a date that we post on our calendar and invite everyone you know to sign up online. It cost $30 per person and your charity receives 30% of the total proceeds.
Earn up to thousands of dollars a year just by hosting 1 two
hour paint event per month! We host up to 100 painters per session at our studio and an unlimited amount off site. Book us off site for family reunions, festivals, school gatherings or any function.
We will promote your event to 30,000 people on FaceBook , our website and through our email subscribers. Our marketing department can design colorful flyers and promotional materials for you to utilize. We provide a banner and custom t-shirts sales for events over 50 people.
Painting events generally last 2-3 hours from 7:00 - 10:00 and the minimum is 50 participants.
50 painters x 30% = $450 profit
100 painters x 30% = $900 profit
200 painters x 30% = $1,800 profit
400 painters x 30% = $3,600 profit
1. Schedule a canvas or glass painting party at the studio.
2. Invite everyone on your mailing list to sign up online.
3. You collect 30% off every dollar earned.
1. Schedule us to come to your function.
2. We will bring everything for your attendees to paint.
3. Invite everyone on your mailing list to sign up online.
4. You collect 30% off every dollar earned.
1. Stop by our studio and pick up a $110 auction item.
2. Select one painting and 2 gift cards.
Creative parent and student painting events are great memory makers and bonding experiences. We have done them in the art room and in the cafeteria. The experience provides teachers the opportunity to network with parents, parents opporunities to get to know each other which inturn inceases PTA enrollment andit provides a collaborative fun activity for parents to share with their kids.
PTA's and Clubs:Earn money by hosting an event for parents in the cafateria. Use the staff paintings as auction items to raise more money at your next event! This event makes a great parent's night out that raises the most money.
Teachers: Teachers can create a really cute painting to hang in their classroom while raising money for supplies on their wish list.
Students:Host a paint day for students to create a mini masterpiece. Use them for an art show or make a collage wall!
Mommy/Daddy and Me:This fundraiser is great for elementry age students. It is two paintings that go together to complete the picture.
It's so simple.....No process, no forms to fill out, no forms to collect, no tallying or tracking and no waiting for your funds!
Make a phone call and you're all set! You get paid the same day as your event. 361-993-9600